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Helvetica V Courier | Batman V Superman 

This project compared two typefaces, Helvetica and Courier. I chose to use Batman and Superman to embody these two fonts.


Helvetica was chosen for Batman because it's more of a modern font. Batman always has the latest gadgets and has a suave personality as he is a multibillionaire.

Courier was chosen for Superman because he has an old fashioned persona, he worked on a farm for most of his life and was even a news reporter. 

An example of how Batman and Superman are used to compare Helvetica and Courier are on pg. 3 and 4. Batman (left) is shown to use a laptop, grab a coffee from Starbucks and drive a ridiculously expensive car. While, Superman (right) is more likely to use a typewriter and brew his own coffee and catch a cab to work.  

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